Saturday, May 16, 2009


With the changes announced in the federal budget this week, (provided they pass the Senate), midwives will need to stay well informed. Keep an eye on this blog and others - see links. Anyone who has come into the maternity scene recently may not know about the midwifery email lists that are currently operating. You may consider joining one or more of the lists.

Australian College of Midwives has an email list to send messages to members, but at present does not have discussion groups or online forums or blogs. Any midwives who are not members are encouraged and 'advised' to join your professional body. The membership fees are tax deductible, and you will find the journal and newsletter, as well as email and other services, invaluable.

Maternity Coalition has the OZBIRTHING list and the Maternitycoalitionmidwives list. These are Yahoo! groups. If you wish to join the midwives list, please contact, and state who you are, and why you wish to join. [we ask for this step, as membership in the group is by invitation only] Maternity Coalition also has state branch Yahoo! groups for members. Membership in Maternity Coalition supports advocacy on behalf of women and midwives, particularly in protecting and promoting normal birth.

A popular and long standing list is Birth International's OZMIDWIFERY Follow the link to join, or to check out the archives.

Then, when you have a spare moment, (!), keep an eye on blogs related to the major newspapers, and the Crikey Health blog, Croakey. Offer your own perspective through the comments sections. Pass on the information you find to your own network, through email lists, blogs, and even (!) word of mouth.

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