Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NEW Activist group in N/W Sydney

It is with great pleasure that we would like to announce the launch of a new website, SAVE BIRTH CHOICES (www.savebirthchoices.com.au).

Save Birth Choices has been the initiative of a group of women; mothers and midwives in North/West Sydney, passionate about birth and keeping all birth choices available to Australian mothers. We have seen the wonderful efforts of organisations and individuals in response to the Maternity Services Review and felt it necessary to create a central spot that is aimed at educating the greater public and communicating the collaborative efforts of organisations around Australia.

This website was launched two weeks ago with very little publicity other than a facebook causes group which now has well over 1,000 members joined in the past week. We are excited and encouraged by the response to our admin email address and requests for information about the Maternity Coalition’s postcard campaign in particular.

What we are aiming to achieve with this website is support from the greater public for all birth choices rather than targeting only women and families directly affected. We would also like to communicate community events and be a point of referral for all campaigns for birth reform that are being run around the country but not making it to the attention of the greater public. We are not a birthing organisation. We have simply created a website to appeal to the greater public as a tool to help birthing organisations like yours and as such, we would like to invite you to utilise this tool.

What we are looking to advertise is

Birth education classes
Campaigns and events and
Relevant news

We would also like to add you as a supporter to our site and would greatly appreciate a reciprocal link.

If you have any questions about Save Birth Choices please feel free to send an email to admin@savehomebirth.com.au. This email address can also be used to forward information you would like posted on this site.

With warm wishes,
Anna Russell
On behalf of Save Birth Choices

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