Monday, March 31, 2014


The new AHPRA Advertising Guidelines came into effect 17 March, and we await the next move.  See previous posts for the detail of our concerns.

AHPRA has responded to pressure from professional groups.  The NMBA and other Boards are using a system of updated FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Updated on 24 March


There is a clear difference between advertising – which requires an advertiser’s intent to promote a health service – and unsolicited online comment, which does not involve an advertiser’s intent to promote a health service.

This seems to clarify the issue of unsolicited positive comments about a midwife that may appear on social media, on a site that is not under the control of the midwife.

It does not clarify the issue of Birth Stories which are posted on, or linked to, the midwife's website or social media site.  Many birth videos and photo montages identify the midwife.  This has been discussed earlier

The question in our minds will be, does AHPRA consider that everything posted on a midwife's website is advertising? 

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