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The Victorian Government's Perinatal Data Collection Unit's report of Homebirths 2007 has now been published, and distributed to midwives who provided the data used in the report. A version of this report is also provided to every hospital providing maternity services, as well as to homebirth midwives. The profile for each hospital is presented in the first two columns for each item, and compared with composite data from the rest of the State. Homebirths are treated as a unit for this report. Two of the pages of the Homebirth Profile have been included here, for your information. (You may click on the image to enlarge it).

The following statement is from the Profile (page 28)

Births at home in 2007
253 women had births that were coded as planned home births in 2007. The data relating to these 253 women is reported in this Profile.

Three of these planned to give birth in a hospital or birth centre but actively changed their plan during labour and decided to give birth at home. The other 250 planned to give birth at home and achieved this.

66 (26.1%) of these births were recorded as water births.

Transfer to hospital care

Sixteen women planned to give birth at home, but changed their plan to a hospital birth before the onset of labour. The change in plans could have occurred any time between many weeks before the birth and the day of birth. The reasons were not recorded. Four of these women had a caesarean in labour. One woman had a ventouse delivery and another woman had a vaginal breech. The other six women had unassisted vaginal births.

Another 33 women planned to give birth at home but changed their plan after the onset of labour and transferred to hospital for the birth. Eight of these women gave birth by caesarean section, three had forceps assisted births and ten ventouse. Twelve women had unassisted vaginal births.

The data related to these births is reported for the hospital in which they gave birth.

Babies born before arrival at hospital
306 women planned to give birth in hospital, and 28 planned to give birth in a birth centre, but in fact gave birth at home or in transit. The intended place of birth was not known for another 9 women who gave birth at home. These have been recorded as 'Born Before Arrival' or BBA.

The data for these women is reported for the hospital they attended immediately after the birth of the baby.

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