Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PICNIC at Treasury Gardens, Sunday 16 November, from 1pm

We are all invited to join Maternity Coalition for this picnic.

The theme is ‘Great Expectations’: The Future of Maternity Care in Australia

Federal Minister for Health, Nicola Roxon has recently set up a review into Australian maternity services.

The benefits of the care of a known midwife throughout, pregnancy labour and birth are well documented: they include reductions in surgery, increased rates and duration of breastfeeding, reduction in post natal depression, and greater maternal satisfaction.

Midwifery care that integrates clinical assessment and monitoring within a social framework, has considerable capacity to improve health and related outcomes for Indigenous women and others who are known to be at increased risk of poor outcomes.

The cost of maternity care has risen significantly. Obstetricians have increased their fees by 269% since the Medicare Safety-net was introduced in 2004. While midwives are educated and registered to provide the entire episode of care for healthy women (approx 75%) a lack of funding and indemnity insurance still prevents this. It is estimated that around 1% of midwives work to their registered capacity.

Maternity Coalition is uniting the women and midwives of Australia to support Minister Roxon’s work and seeks support from politicians across the country. Maternity Coalition is hosting community events across the country. There is considerable media interest.

On Sunday 16 November families from across Victoria will meet in Treasury Gardens from 1pm.

Please come and hear from women across the state regarding the current broken maternity system and how 1-2-1 community midwifery will transform services in both regional and metropolitan areas.

Should you be unable to attend would you please consider sending a message of support, because in someway birth affects us all.

Victorian Co-ordinator, Janie Nottingham (03) 59748364 or 0420620808

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