Sunday, November 16, 2008

Victoria lags behind in maternity reform

Maternity Coalition MEDIA RELEASE
Sunday November 16 2008

Catch up Daniel Andrews - Nicola Roxon is way ahead

In September Health Minister, Nicola Roxon announced a review of maternity services, making it the 38th since 1985.
“We believe the only issue to have more inquiries commissioned is petrol prices. Women and their babies have been political hot potatoes, and we hope this is about to change”, said Deborah Loupelis, Victorian Secretary of Maternity Coalition and mother of 2.
Victoria is no different. In 2004 an excellent policy document was released, Future Directions. This document supports the establishment of primary midwifery care for women across the state.
“Instead of enhancement, since the review the state government has ripped midwifery apart, closing birth centres and the successful Rosebud maternity unit on the Mornington Peninsula.
“Maternity Coalition has been working for maternity reform for a long time. We have heard countless stories of women desperate for a better system. It is encouraging that finally a Federal Health Minister is listening. Minister Roxon has outlined the need for reform, flagging the enhancement of 1-2-1 care and indemnity protection for midwives across Australia.”
“We need Victorian Minister, Daniel Andrews to catch up. With an increase in births across the state many maternity units are bursting at the seams, they are simply not safe. Local primary midwifery services will give women safe, supportive and sustainable care.”
“Since September, women from all over Australia have been sending Maternity Coalition copies of their submissions to the Review. Initial feedback from the Department of Health has been that the total number of submissions they’ve received is overwhelming.”
“Although we have not been surprised by the volume of responses, we are buoyed by the depth of emotion from Australian women who support our vision of broadened maternity choices”.
“Today women from across Victoria will share the stories they have submitted, demonstrating how much 1-2-1 midwifery care has meant to them. They are gathering at TREASURY GARDENS from 1pm in a display of UNITY, ACTION & REFORM”
We applaud Minister Roxon’s positive stance, we understand, however, with 37 inquiries before that now is time for action. Women across the nation are saying there have been enough investigations. 1-2-1 midwifery care is the gold standard and women deserve that option now.”

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