Friday, September 9, 2011

Is caesarean now the normal way to give birth and should we be worried?

From theconversation: A hot topic: Is caesarean now the ‘normal’ way to give birth, and should we be worried? written by midwife academic, Professor Caroline Homer.

We must remember that 'usual' is not necessarily 'normal'. The physiological norm for pregnancy, childbirth, and nurture of the infant will always engage the woman's and baby's sensitive hormonal systems and deep intuitive knowledge.

The WHO statement "In normal birth there should be a valid reason to interfere with the natural process" (Care in Normal Birth, 1996) is a guiding principle.

Many midwives have lost a great deal of the knowledge and skill we need to work in harmony with natural processes in the childbearing continuum. Fortunately, the knowledge of normal birth is stored in a woman's brain, in the deep intuitive area. Even if/when the rates of Caesarean and other medically managed births exceed the rates of spontaneous, unmedicated births, that knowledge will survive for those who want to access it.

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