Monday, September 5, 2011

The Australian Private Midwives Association (APMA) has just launched an on-line campaign, called Mums Matter! 

This is aimed at bringing the issue of women's rights back on the agenda (as it has slipped off many politicians radars!) We have 1 week before pollies are back in Canberra. By then we want 20,000 supporters sending emails sent to pollies across the country. It is super easy only takes 2 mins. Please pass on far and wide.

We know different women make different decisions but the vast majority support each others' ability to make them. APMA is also asking for pledges of $20 to fund our campaign continuing. We don't need to all travel to Canberra this time we want to make it cheap, easy but still effective. Here's the link

Thankyou for passing this message on.

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