Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PRINCIPLES underpinning maternity reform

Key Principles

“Primary Maternity Services in Australia – A Framework for Implementation (AHMAC 2008)” articulated the following principles which underpin the range of models of maternity care available to women in Australia.  These principles involve:
  • ensuring services enable women to make informed and timely choices regarding their maternity care and to feel in control of their birthing experience
  • ensuring that maternity services and care are provided in a culturally appropriate and responsive manner according to the individual needs of each woman
  • maximising the potential of midwives, obstetricians, general practitioners and where appropriate other health professionals such as paediatricians and Aboriginal health workers specific knowledge, skills and attributes to provide a collaborative, coordinated multidisciplinary approach to maternity service delivery
  • offering continuity of care, and wherever possible continuity of carer, as a key element of quality care
  • ensuring that maternity services are of a high quality, safe, sustainable and provided within an environment of evidence ­based best practice care
  • ensuring continued access to best practice maternity services and care at the local level, while recognising that the benefits of local access must be considered within a quality and safety framework
  • providing the right balance between primary level care and access to appropriate levels of medical expertise as clinically required
  • working to reduce the health inequalities faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers and babies and other disadvantaged populations.
[This document is Attachment 1 to the draft Safety and Qualitiy Framework for private midwifery, a document which is currently being adopted by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia]

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