Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Croakey on the AMA

Readers of this blog may remember previous links to CROAKEY, the health blog of the independent news reporting organisation CRIKEY.

Here's a new post, focusing on the Australian Medical Association (AMA), and its claim that its president Dr Andrew Pesce, should be seen as the “Chief Health Policy advisor to all political parties”.

This is not the first time Dr Pesche has assumed the role. His influence on Health Minister Roxon in the report of the Maternity Services Review and subsequent legislation, particularly in requiring midwives to have 'collaborative arrangements' with doctors, is already on the record.


Joy Johnston said...

From midwife Robyn Thompson http://www.melbmidwifery.com.au/:

Well done Simon.
It takes a true professional to take a stand. I admire your strength for confidently putting aside the chest-beating-addiction of the AMA for an effective and preventative health system. A functional and effective Health System relies on a spirited team, combined skills and genuine caring and advising the government wisely across the broad spectrum of health professionals. In my opinion ‘Chief Pesce’ has done nothing to create professional unity and continues his attempts to control other health professions. He is an AMA living legend, in his attempts to destroy midwifery, homebirth and nurse practitioners and then blames ineffective administrators for doctors self interest and greed. Poor Andrew he “decided to become AMA President…double [his] my workload whilst halving [his] my income.” Interesting!
The largest proportion of health professionals work longer hours, receive smaller incomes, provide equally important services for Australians and most enjoy their professional work on more cost effective incomes.

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