Sunday, November 8, 2009

MIPP Calling Card to Julia Gillard

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister Roxon is not listening!!!

Midwives ALREADY provide safe care yet she continues to submit to the AMA demands.
MIDWIVES do not need medical supervision or permission to care for homebirthing women!

Babies born at home had similar Apgar scores to babies born in hospital. Less than 3% of babies born at home required admission to the special or intensive care nurseries compared to hospital born babies at > 15%.

Medical Observer, 6th November 2009:
"The amendments to the nurse practitioner legislation will come as welcome relief for doctors…AMA vice-president Dr Steve Hambleton, who sits on the Government’s Nurse Practitioner Advisory Group (NPAG), said the crucial amendment would ensure nurse practitioners were not supported to work in competition with doctors."
The amendments to the legislation will also apply to midwives.

The safety of women & babies is clearly not the Health Department's or the AMA's main priority. They care more about the perceived potential loss of income & loss of control over a woman’s basic right to choose how, where & with whom she gives birth.
[Calling Card prepared by Andrea Bilcliff]

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