Monday, April 20, 2009

Lessons from labour

ABC Unleashed has published Lessons from labour.

"The front page of the Daily Telegraph ran the sensational headline recently 'Four dead in home birthing'. The article went on to say that at least four babies had died 'during homebirths in the past nine months' and a further four babies had suffered brain damage. This was presented as 'fact' although it remains unconfirmed to date.

"The facts we have from the latest Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (published in 2008), indicate that 708 women had planned homebirths in Australia in 2006 (0.3%) and there were no deaths reported amongst these births. In this same year 2730 babies died - most of them in Australian hospitals. While we must remain committed to trying to reduce these deaths, the reality is this rate has remained unchanged for nearly 15 years, despite a doubling in the caesarean section rate. ... [continued]"
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Dr Hannah Dahlen is the national media spokesperson for Australian College of Midwives

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