Monday, March 2, 2009

Homebirths may have to be secret

In the Australian today

Adam Cresswell, Health editor | March 02, 2009

Article from: The Australian
"HUNDREDS of women each year who choose to give birth in their homes are likely to face greater medical danger for themselves and their babies with the introduction of regulations that could force the practice underground. [continued]

Thankyou Adam Cresswell for this article.

There are several options open to the government, to avoid criminalisation of independent midwifery practice:
*1. To extend to midwives the same indemnity support that they already provide doctors, as noted by Cresswell
*2. To reform the insurance system, making a 'no fault' scheme similar to the TAC, that is linked to all services provided by health professional. This removes claims from the law courts. New Zealand has such a scheme by which anyone who sustains injury or loss as a result of health care is able to receive compensation, without having to sue the person(s) who they consider responsible (a very complex and difficult process).
*3. To amend the requirements of the new national health registration legislation, so that indemnity insurance is not mandated.

Options 1 and 2 are rational and do-able. Option 3 makes no more sense than does the deregistration of midwives who are offering safe and effective maternity care.

Joy Johnston

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Spiralmumma said...

It's just abhorrent the way they are trying to remove women's choices this way :( It is utterly appalling that midwives are unable to obtain insurance currently-I really hope this is the catalyst needed for a true upheaval of the system and that either option one or 2 are implemented as you've written Joy.