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Calling all midwives, mothers, and others who care about birth

In response to the Report of the Federal Government’s Maternity Services Review http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/maternityservicesreview-report

The Review Report has been prepared by Department of Health staff, to advise the Minister for Health, Nicola Roxon. Despite hundreds of submissions from women and professionals supporting homebirth, and evidence that homebirth is a reasonable option for many women, the writers of the report have conceded to powerful lobby groups opposing homebirth, over the interests of women. The Minister will decide which of the Department’s advice she will take.

Maternity Coalition believes that with strong community outcry about the proposed loss of homebirth, the Minister may decide to go against the recommendations of her staff, and protect the options of homebirth and independent midwifery practice.

Speak out now!

Every Australian has a Federal Member of Parliament (MP), whose job is to represent their interests. Every person who cares about maintaining homebirth choice should contact their Federal MP, preferably by both letter and with a personal visit.
To find contact info for your MP:
• Go to http://apps.aec.gov.au/esearch/ and enter your locality in the “Search Federal Electorates” window.
• In the next window, click on the name of your electorate for more information.
• On the electorate page, click on “profile and map”.
• For contact info for your MP (“Current Member Details”), click on the “Parliament of Australia Website” link.

Write to your MP and tell them how important it is to you that women can choose homebirth. Ask them to contact the Minister for Health on your behalf. Recognise the good sides of the Review, and expect them to help you.

Meet with your MP. Phone their electorate office and ask for an appointment, to talk about the Federal Maternity Services Review. Take some friends from the same electorate. Tell them why women should have choice.
Your MP is expecting a letter or visit from a mother or a midwife, not a professor. Tell them why birth and choice are so important to you. Talk about scientific evidence or policy processes if you want, but you are the expert about your own story.

For more information contact Maternity Coalition

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katherinecunningham said...

I've made an appointment, Wednesday the 1st of April at 10am to see Jason Wood, MP for La Trobe, any one that is of this electrorate is welcome to join me in having a face to face with your local MP on this issues... email me for more details. livinggently@gmail.com and to get to the group doc we are working on as an agenda. Midwives from this area really welcome! All my Love, Katherine Cunningham (I had my homebirth 16 years ago, and it still fuels me!)