Friday, December 12, 2008


On Tuesday this week the Federal Maternity Review published submissions on their website.
Go here for Nicola Roxon’s media release.

Contact: Justine Caines 0408210273
Melissa Fox 0404 88 2716

Yesterday, Federal Health Minister, Nicola Roxon released the first 400 of over 900 submissions received as part of the Maternity Services Review.
“This is an unprecedented response. The whole of health inquiry, The National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission only received 500 and yet one area of health, maternity care, elicits more than 900 and largely from consumers” said Justine Caines, National President of Maternity Coalition and mother of seven.
“It is heartening that the Minister is a Mother of a young child herself. Women across Australia are relying on Ms Roxon to hear their pleas and make major reform that sees maternity care focus on the needs of women rather than clinicians.” said Melissa Fox, Vice President and mother of two.
Also released yesterday was the 2006, Mother’s and Babies Report. While this reveals the statistics around pregnancy and birth, submissions to the enquiry provide a human face. Many submissions reveal a system that does not allow women to make choices about their bodies or their babies that is damaging and sometimes inhumane.
“Women are waiting longer before they start a family because they’re having careers and independent lives first. When the time comes to have babies, we expect to be treated with dignity and respect, and to make our own choices.” said Ms Fox

“The medical model is still (for the most part) stuck in the 1950's when women were expected to submit all decision-making to others, and to take the consequences in silent stoicism. This is why the review received over 900 submissions. Women are no longer happy to lie back and push out babies for their country.” said Ms Caines

“Welcome to the new wave of feminism: both career women and mothers want their intelligence and rights to be respected.” said Ms Caines

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