Saturday, February 8, 2014

What medicines are midwives prescribing nationally?

Please note:
If you are a midwife prescriber in Australia, you are invited to contribute to this survey.

There is a high degree of enthusiasm amongst midwives who have achieved endorsement as prescribers.

The Midwife prescriber facebook group facilitates discussion about prescribing issues.  The group welcomes members who have the eligible midwife prescriber endorsement, and those who are working toward it, and others who have a strong interest in the subject. At the time of writing there are 130 members.

A small group of midwife prescribers have put together this survey, and will report on the responses received.  This survey is the first in what we hope will be a series of fact-finding questionnaires, for midwives who have prescriber notation on their registrations. These are some of the questions:

  • please list any scheduled medicines, and the dose, for which you have written a prescription to be filled by a pharmacist.
  • please list any medicines, and the dose, that you have used from stock that you carry for emergency use (eg Syntometrine)
  • how many prescriptions have you written? (if you have not kept a record, please write 'estimated X')

  • Are there any scheduled medicines that you consider need to be added to the NMBA or state/territory lists for midwife prescribers?

  • what is the postcode for the location of your main place of practice
  • is your private midwifery practice in a group practice/solo/other?  Please tell us about your practice.
  • in what year did you commence private midwifery practice? 

  • how many prescriptions do you expect to write?
  • what is your expected caseload for the coming six month period, for whom you provide midwifery care through the pre-, intra- and postnatal period? 

Your comments are welcome.

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