Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PDCU News Bulletin

excerpts from the Victorian Perinatal Data Collection Unit News Bulletin

Welcome to The New Year (eleventh) edition of the Victorian Perinatal News Bulletin. This bulletin has been designed to keep you up to date with information from the Clinical Councils Unit and CCOPMM, including the Victorian Perinatal Data Collection (VPDC) and the Victorian Birth Defects Register (VBDR). 

Electronic copies of our bulletins can also be found on our website: visit our website for more information about the collection, for copies of the VPDC User Manual for Midwives, the VPDC Manual and updates on recent publications.  

The VPDC User Manual for Midwives provides clear definitions for commonly used terms especially those that often cause confusion. There are examples and scenarios provided to make things crystal clear. New personnel, who require SDE access, are required to provide their information via the online form at: If you have any suggestions that would improve the manual please contact Diana Stubbs. 

Development of the Online e-form
Funding has been allocated for the development of an online e-form to assist sites with small birth numbers and homebirth practitioners in electronically submitting birth information to the VPDC. A forum to educate users will be held once the form is ready for testing. This e-form will replicate the current paper birth report.

Our long term aim is to have all data submitted electronically and this will be realised with the e-form resource.

New Data Element
A new data element will be introduced in 2013. This data element is “the total number of antenatal visits”. The request is from the National Perinatal Data Development Committee (NPDDC) and has been approved by the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity (CCOPMM) for inclusion in the data collection from 2013. All settings and software vendors will be notified once collection of this item is about to commence.


Hospital Profiles for 2009
The 2009 Hospital profiles have been released to Health settings and are a smaller, more condensed version than previous years. Please ask your senior Maternity manager for a copy of the PDF if you have not had a chance to see your hospital maternity statistics

To enhance the reporting of information collected and considered by CCOPMM, the 2009 Annual Report, focusing on mortality and morbidity data, was expanded to include summaries of
·        information pertaining to births (previously Births in Victoria)
·        research supported by the Council.
The redeveloped 2009 CCOPMM Annual report has been released and is available on the Web

The 2008 CCOPMM Annual Report is available on the website.
Birth Defects in Vic 2005 -2006 is available on the website.
You can find copies of all our reports at:

For more information, please contact                                                                             

Diana Stubbs
Liaison Midwife
ph. 03 9096 0380

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