Thursday, November 17, 2011

Membership in MiPP

A MiPP meeting in 2009

MiPP is a collective of privately practising midwives in Victoria.
MiPP meetings are usually by-monthly, in locations to suit members.  Communication is mainly by email, either directly or via the maternitycoalitionmidwives Yahoo! Group.

MiPP welcomes applications for membership from registered midwives, who seek employment/income from private midwifery practice, and who are willing to provide primary maternity care for women and their babies across the continuum of pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period. 

Full members' entitlements include listing on the MiPP brochure, and on the MiPP page at the Maternity Coalition website. 

Associate membership is available for midwives and midwifery students who are interested in private midwifery practice.

It is a couple of years since MiPP published a brochure.  We are now preparing a new brochure, and asking members to indicate their desire to renew their membership.  Midwives who wish to join MiPP as new members are welcome to apply.  Applications are reviewed by MiPP on an individual basis.  A current full member of MiPP may be named as a sponsor to new members.

Please note that a midwife who wishes to commence private practice, outside the hospital/acute healthcare sector, is encouraged to seek mentoring with an experienced independent midwife.

Although the MiPP collective is based in Victoria, registered midwives from other parts of Australia are welcome to join our group.

For more information, or to request a membership form to be sent by email, please contact joy[at], or phone 0411190448.

MIPP is affiliated with Maternity Coalition Inc, as a 'Participating Organisation'.

Maternity Coalition is a consumer and midwife advocacy organisation, committed to protecting pregnancy and childbirth as natural processes, and to supporting the role of the midwife as a primary maternity care provider.  All MiPP members are also members of Maternity Coalition, and receive a copy of the journal Birth Matters quarterly.

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