Friday, October 7, 2011

Key issues for midwives

Referring to the development of visiting access arrangements for midwives in public hospitals (see previous post), the following comment has been offered by a highly respected 'elder' of the midwifery profession, Helen Sandner, from Bendigo.

I would just like to put forward a few key issues that I think are paramount for future discussions and consideration in the planning and implementation of a written document.
  • Midwives autonomy. In saying this I do not mean in a dictatorial way, but I believe that it is important to acknowledge that we are registered to practice as autonomous practitioners. It is only the Government that is putting us back under the auspices of the medical profession with the Collaborative Determination. 
  • Collaborative respect. We deserve equal respect and I would like to see this in writing. We are not underdogs or lesser professionals and this needs to be acknowledged and therefore we should be referred to in any document with the same level of professionalism as any other healthcare professional. 
  • Consent, informed decisions and right of refusal. All without saying the women should be the focus and these points should be acknowledged in any written document.
Helen Sandner
Midwifery Practice Coordinator
Central Victorian Midwifery Group Practice

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