Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Australian Medical Association on Collaborative Arrangements

AMA has published a document 'Collaborative Arrangements: What you need to know' in preparation for the inclusion of eligible midwives and nurse practitioners in Medicare funding from 1 November 2010.

All midwives who experience difficulty obtaining a signed collaborative agreement with a medical practitioner, in an effort to comply with the Determination, are asked to notify private midwives' groups (APMA, MiPP), the midwives' professional body (ACM) and consumer and midwife lobby groups such as Maternity Coalition. Copies of your letters, and the responses you receive (or lack of response) will be used as evidence in reviewing the implementation of maternity reform.

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Joy Johnston said...

I don't think those who think the Determination can work realise that place of birth is of very minor significance to independent midwives like me. My commitment is to the women, not to homebirth. Home just happens to be a good place when all's going well.

A midwife does not select a caseload of perfect risk-free women - we work with ordinary women, in harmony with ordinary physiological processes.

I have never in the past 20 years had a private doctor back up my practice, so it's not likely there will be one who agrees to do it now. But this fact excludes me and midwives like me from aspiring to Medicare/PBS&c for that part of our practice for which Medicare rebates would be applicable.