Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthing from within WORKSHOPS

BIRTHING FROM WITHIN facilitators Pam England and Virginia Bobro are finally coming to Australia! They will be leading two three-day workshops, one near Sydney at a retreat centre (18-20 Sept.) and the other in Melbourne (23-25 Sept.).

For info and to register, click here.
Discount for early registrations ends soon. Register today!

The intensive workshops, open to all birth-related professionals, will cover the following material, and much more:
• Birth as a rite of passage, and the childbearing year as a hero’s journey—what this means and why it is important;
• How to prepare women for birth following the hero’s journey model;
• How to build a solution-focused mindset that helps women (and their partners) cope with pain, fatigue, and the unknown in labor and postpartum;
• Teaching and mentoring to prevent emotional birth trauma;
• Utilizing Masculine/Feminine polarity to facilitate labor and postpartum;
• How to lead a Special Class Just for Fathers.
This is a warm, fast-moving workshop. It inspires beginners, validates and deepens what the experienced know, and uplifts the jaded and weary ones.

Pam England, former nurse-midwife, author of Birthing From Within and Labyrinth of Birth, now works as a Childbirth Mentor, Storyteller, Birth Story Listener, and Creative Director of BIRTHING FROM WITHIN. Pam is mother to two sons; she lives and teaches in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and leads workshops around the world.

Virginia Bobro, began her work in birth as a La Leche League Leader and doula. She is currently the Managing Director of BIRTHING FROM WITHIN She is the mother of three and lives in Santa Barbara, California. and facilitates BFW workshops around the world.

A midwife in Oregon says of our workshop: “I loved the book Birthing From Within, and began using some ideas and exercises in my appointments with parents. I thought the workshop might be nice. The workshop was amazing—more mind-blowing than the book! We went much deeper and further than I thought possible. My work is forever changed.”

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