Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Trust Fund for Indigenous Midwifery Students

New Trust Fund for Aboriginal Midwifery Students

ACM was delighted to launch this new trust fund at its recent conference in Adelaide. It is known as the ‘Rhodanthe Lipsett’ Trust, after the midwifery elder and longstanding ACM member of the same name, whose idea it was to create this trust.

The Trust aims to provide annual scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwifery students, to assist them in their study to become midwives. It is inspired by the improvements in outcomes for Indigenous women achieved in New Zealand and Canada, where care is routinely provided by midwives who are Maori or Inuit respectively.

The Trust needs to gather at least $200,000 to enable annual scholarships to be paid to eligible students. To read more visit the Trust website. Make a donation today on this secure website to help make a difference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers and babies.

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