Saturday, June 27, 2009


Given the current political climate, both at a national and local level, an extraordinary meeting of MiPP has been called by members. This meeting is to be held in Melbourne.

Items for discussion and action include:
* Understanding of the current political environment and its implications for women and their families choosing homebirth and for independent midwives.
* Exploration of our legal position and right to practice professionally post July 1st, 2010.
* Clarification of status and developments in homebirth back-up referral process with public maternity hospitals
* Seek provision of opportunity for MiPPs to participate in confidential review and debriefing sessions in response to incidents
* MiPPs as an evolving organisation as we meet contemporary challenges- what are our aims and objectives? How do we support one another collegially? How do we stand in solidarity whilst respecting individual differences, variations in practice and beliefs?
* Representatives of MIPPs to attend protest rally organised by Homebirth Australia at Parliament House on Monday, September 7th from 11.30am.
* Request to Australian College of Midwives, as our peak professional body, to commit to supporting and defending a midwife's right to engage in the full scope of midwifery practice, in any setting.

If readers would like to comment on this agenda, or add your thoughts, please do so by using the Comments below.

A midwife wrote, in a letter to the Health Minister, Nicola Roxon,
"For me, working with homebirthing women is my income and my career. I have worked all my professional life to be where I am today, to provide the highest possible care to childbearing women. No other health profession has been outlawed by the government preventing them professional earning in the private sector. Why is private midwifery practice being outlawed when high quality research very clearly states that homebirth with a midwife is just as safe?"

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