Saturday, February 14, 2009

the midwives of the Congo

My heart is breaking as I listen to this ABC Radio National story of displacement and poverty and rape in the Congo. The transcript gives facts; and while I am reading I am listening to the midwives, who are singing.

We Australian midwives don't sing together - as a general rule! When we get together we have conferences or meetings with agendas, or we go to study days.

As I listen to these midwives singing I don't know what they are saying. But they are blending their voices in a strong and deliberate way. I think their songs will be of women and birth, but also of loss and pain and death - a constant reality. They will be singing their memories of better times, to keep hope uppermost in their minds. The hope for strong resillient families who have plenty to eat, and for a freedom from fear. As I sing the songs of my people I want to remember these sisters who are midwives in Africa.

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