Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Questions for Maternity Services Review

The following questions have been posed by the Maternity Services Review, in the Discussion Paper from the Australian Government, Improving Maternity Services in Australia. Responses need to be submitted by 31st October 2008.
MiPP members are preparing a written response, and we would appreciate any comments from our blog readers. Please use the 'comments' function of the blog, or contact us by email. You are also encouraged to send your own responses, so that your voice counts in this review.

(see Discussion Paper for more information)
  • What models for maternity services for rural and remote communities are working well?
  • What are the key elements to applying such models more broadly?
  • What aspects of the Australian context are driving high intervention rates?
  • What actions are required to address this?
  • What, if any, are key support services, including peer support which warrant national coverage?
  • What is required to ensure the quality and consistency of key support services?
  • How is current Commonwealth funding targeted?
  • What are the key professional development needs for the maternity workforce?
  • How will models of workforce support vary in rural and urban settings?
  • What are the potential areas for change to expand midwife-led care across antenatal, birthing and postnatal services?
  • What are the existing effective models for midwife-led maternity services?
  • What are the key workforce barriers to integrated models of care?
  • What key infrastructure is needed?
  • Are there any other issues the Review should consider?

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