Thursday, August 28, 2008

conferences coming up in October

Here's some free publicity for a couple of reasonably-priced conferences in Melbourne, that midwives should enjoy. I haven't worked out how to attach a .pdf file to the blog, but you can follow the link or contact by email.

Having a baby in Victoria to Future Directions and beyond
Friday 31 October, organised by Maternity Coalition (follow this link for brochure and bookings) Presenters include midwives Liz Chatham, Pat Brodie and Nicky Leap; sociologist Kerreen Reiger; researcherRhonda Small, and obstetrician Euan Wallace.
Note: Consumers who would like to attend this symposium can apply for a specially reduced fee, made possible with a grant from the Department of Human Services.

Emerging issues in pregnancy, birth and postnatal care
Thursday 9 and Friday 10 October, organised by The Women's. To request a flyer, contact Tel: 03 8345 2147
This two-day seminar has many of Melbourne's leading maternity academics and midwives presenting the current evidence and debate on topics including caseload midwifery, diabetes, breastfeeding, caesareans, postnatal care, length of stay, and much more.
Note: Homebirth is notably absent from the list of topics. Victoria is a little behind other States.

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Lisa Barrett said...

to link to a pdf you host them on scribd. its free to register an account you put them there and can link to them directly.